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Seymour AV 97.5in - 149.2in , 16:9, Glacier Gray Material, 0.8 Gain, Precision Frame, Fixed Frame Projection Screen

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Seymour AV 97.5" - 149.2" , 16:9, Glacier Gray Material, 0.8 Gain, Precision Frame, Fixed Frame Projection Screen

This Seymour AV screen features the Precision frame with the Glacier Gray screen material. The glacier gray material is crafted for those who have home theater rooms that have a minimal amount of ambient light that comes through. If you have control over most ambient light in the room, and it only comes from the sides, this screen will serve you well. This screen material is similar to the glacier white but designed to block small amounts of ambient light while serving an awesome projection image. Find a nice projector for this screen, and you will have an awesome home theater setup! 

Glacier Gray

For use with projectors that can output 2500 lumens or higher, the new Glacier Gray will improve your black levels by 20%.  This solid screen material is the perfect solution for those that want a non-AT screen that can tolerate a little ambient light or lighter colored room surfaces.  The new Glacier Gray non-AT solid screen is a  multi-layer material that was developed keeping the easiest mounting method in mind, our grommet / o-ring system.  The back side is a sturdy reinforced weave with a black film applied to completely kill any translucence to the material, assuring that even in front of a white wall there will not be any contrast-killing light contamination like traditional non-reinforced vinyl screens can have.  On top of that is the optical layer with just enough sheen to keep the white levels up and a light embossing to maximize uniformity and viewing angle.

Precision Frame

The Precision fixed frame screen is our newest screen hardware, with a thinner border to fit more image into a cramped space.  With this frame, we also make available the same reference quality screen materials but at a savings of 30%.  This frame keeps the same easy rubber band installation, and now features a full velvet wrap in our Baritonepremium velvet.  With heavy duty hardware at prices where we not only compete with imported screens, we export our all-US product to their countries.  While you can buy a large company's screen at several times the price and get plastic corner brackets, our Precision frame includes the same 7ga steel corner brackets from our Premier frame, making for a total of 2.4 pounds of laser cut plated steel.  Designed to handle spans up to 130" while being both easy on the budget and installer.


The new Precision frame is wrapped in a new velvet that we developed that offers nearly the performance of the Premier frame's Fidelio but at a much better value.  While we reduced it's frame width down to 2.6" wide, we nearly tripled its wall thickness compared to imported screens so we can provide that thinner border look without sacrificing performance.  The Precision frame includes the same elliptical contour of our Premier frame giving you a much more sophisticated look than some large brands' box tubing, while eliminating shadow lines on your image.

Spliced frame

By splicing the top and bottom pieces we're able to save you money.  It ships in a much smaller box because we spliced the top and bottom frame pieces with a pair of beefy 12" long laser cut 7ga plated steel bars.  Like our Premier frame, because we make these to order here in Iowa we can make any custom size for you to the 0.1" resolution.  This way you can literally do an interference fit to any critical dimension in your installation.  If the splice is an issue for you, however, we can quote you a continuous top/bottom option.  The higher shipping costs are typically $95.


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Seymour AV 97.5in - 149.2in , 16:9, Glacier Gray Material, 0.8 Gain, Precision Frame, Fixed Frame Projection Screen


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